YGA unveils Community Development Scholarship Programme

    Community Development Scholarship Programme

    Kila calls on Yoruba Elites to join scheme

    Yoruba Global Alliance (YG) is set to commence a mentorship programme aimed at guiding Yoruba Graduates towards projects that will put them at the centre of personal and community development in over 150 Yoruba towns and villages.

    The YG Community Development Programme is aimed at supporting graduates aged 23 to 30 years old interested in pursuing a postgraduate qualification with a minimum duration of 3 months and a maximum duration of 1 year in any area of study in any of the selected postgraduate schools and with a plan to lead a project that can contribute to the development of a Yoruba town, village or community withing a year of postgraduate studies.

    The initiative was announced on Thursday 29th of July 2021 during a press conference held at the end of a meeting of members of the YG Leaders Council.

    Also present at the press conference were the YG President, Dr Amos Akingba, YG Council Chairman Chief Tola Adeniyi, the Chancellor of Tradition Chief Solagbade Popola and the YG Secretary-General, Prof Anthony Kila.

    In explaining the YG Community Development Programme, the YG Secretary-General, Prof Anthony Kila, pointed out that the “initiative has been conceived with the aim of educating, engaging and empowering young people that can contribute to bringing development to their various towns, villages and communities. The aim of the scheme is to facilitate the creation of projects in 150 Yoruba towns and villages”.

    With this programme, graduates will get scholarships that will enable them to get postgraduate skills that will help place young graduates at the centre of development and job creation in their communities. According to Kila, each graduate will be encouraged to develop and manage a project in his or her local town or village residence.

    The YG Community Development Programme will be coordinated in each state by the YG Chairperson and will involve traditional rulers at town and village levels. Interested participants can apply by visiting the Yoruba Global Alliance website.

    A policy committee made up of academics, professionals, business, religious and traditional leaders has been set up to manage applications and raise funds for the programme.

    Members of the committee include Prof. Anthony Kila, Prof Gbenga Ayeni, Pastor Femi Odutayo (Esq), Amb. Folake Marcus-Bello, Dr Folake Rogers

    Prof Anthony Kila further clarified that all Yoruba graduates – regardless of their academic background – can apply to join the project by visiting the YG website. Their application will however include a reference form signed by their traditional rulers. The programme, according to Kila, is also an opportunity for Yoruba elites and leaders in the society to get involved in the development of their towns and villages. Kila made a direct appeal to Yoruba elites and leaders to use this opportunity to come out of their shells of merely chasing self-fulfilment and lamentation of a putrid system to embrace lead development by donating a bit of their time, idea and finance to grow people and community.

    Fill out the form below to join the YG Community Development Scholarship Programme.

      Your Personal Details

      This email will be used to contact you.

      This number will be used to contact you

      Your Academic Details

      Institution you graduated from

      Scholarship Details

      Community Details

      This is where you prove to us that you know the community you intend to develop and you understand its challenges and potentials.

      Intended Project


      You are required to provide two (2) people from the community you intend to help develop. Please note that these 2 people shall be contacted and, for your application to be successful, they need to know you and vouch for your character. One of the referees has to be a traditional title holder and other has to be a member of clergy or an individual of professional standing (eg. Principal, Doctor, etc).

      Traditional title holder

      e.g Balogun of Bariga

      Clergy or Individual with professional standing

      e.g Balogun of Bariga

      Be sure to check your application for spelling errors before submitting.

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