Unveiling Yoruba Global Alliance

    Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen. Today is a special day in the history of Yoruba nation and it is our hope and prayer that the baby being berthed today will live to our high expectations in fulfilling the desired goals of our people worldwide. 

    In line with our cherished traditions and culture let me begin this Press statement with tributes to our ancestors and ancestral spirits. We hail the Almighty Olodumare, Adiitu, Akamara, the supreme Creator and Controller of the universe. Tributes to our famed progenitor, Oduduwa and all the 401 gods of our land. We are bound to pay tribute to Chief Obafemi Awolowo, a leading light and pathfinder for our race. We salute the enterprising spirits of the likes of our industrial giants like Chief Timothy Adeola Odutola, Alhaji Jimoh Odutola, Chief Omole, Chief T.A Oni, SO Gbadamosi, Alfred Rewane, Subomi Balogun, Mike Adenuga, S Ade Ojo, Otedola and Otudeko. We salute our pioneer leaders in the field of Medicine and Pharmacology like the likes of Dr Odumosu who published Iwe Egbogi in 1913, Chief Odulate of Alabukun fame and…….We pay tribute to the creative genius of our pioneer Cultural Ambasadors like Hubert Ogunde, Kola Ogunmola, Duro Ladipo, Oyin Adejobi and Moses Adejumo [Baba Sala] Professor Wole Soyinka, Professor Ola Rotimi, Tunde Kelani, Yusuf Olatunji, Haruna Ishola, Tunde Nightingale, Elemure Ogunyemi, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Ebenzer Obey Fabiyi, Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye, Ayinde Barrister Balogun and several other leaders whose prowess brought fame and national and international recognition to the Yoruba race. 

    It is still in line with our tradition that we pay tribute to several other Yoruba leaders who had relentlessly championed the Yoruba cause, prominent among whom we found Pa Adekunle Ajasin, Pa Abraham Adesanya, Pa Fasonranti, Pa Ayo Fasanmi, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, Pa Olanihun Ajayi, Pa Gbonigi, Afe Babalola, Ladigbolu, Dr Fredrick Faseun, Iba Gani Adams and several others too numerous to mention by name in a short address such as this. 

    Our Organization, the Yoruba Global Alliance is dedicated to follow in the path of our noble and fearless leaders who spent their talents, energy, resources and all their skills for the advancement and emancipation of our race. We are, along with other serious-minded Yoruba Organizations, poised to give genuine and focused leadership to our hundreds of million compatriots in our homeland and the Diaspora. Our commitment is TOTAL. 

    In terms of Vision

    YG is committed to the

    • Education Emancipation and Empowerment of Yoruba People
    • Protection and Promotion of Yoruba Culture
    • Security of Yorubaland

    To achieve our vision, YG uses the contacts, skills and other endowments of its members and partners to work for the

    1. Security and safety for Yoruba kingdoms
    2. Empowerment of Yoruba Youths
    3. Provision of Enabling Environment for Economic development and prosperity.
    4. Creation of vibrant Middle Class as a veritable agent of change.
    5. Establishment of linkages with Diaspora Yoruba worldwide.
    6. Creation of a nation that will be competitive with other nations of the world.
    7. Restoration of the Yoruba Language and the cherished cultures of our people
    8. Inculcation of the principles and values of Omoluwabi (virtues of honesty, decency, integrity, reliability, bravery, accountability Self Reliance and Public Spiritedness).
    9. Repositioning Education to its central role in Yorubaland
    10. Repositioning the roles of Yoruba Kings

    Our Logo is to emphasize the special revered position our Obas and High Chiefs hold in our communities as a very traditional people. The Yoruba from time immemorial are MONARCHICAL. Hence our Organization shall accord unrivalled place of pride to our Obas, as symbolized in the centrality of the Crown in our Logo. We are also agrarian and earthy. The earth in our cosmology is the sustainer of life. This is reflected in the very fresh green leaves in our logo. 

    We wish to emphasize for the avoidance of doubt or ambiguity that YG is not in competition with any other Yoruba Self Determination Groups, we are not rivals to any group or Association. We applaud and respect every organization dedicated to the Yoruba cause and also respect whatever methods such organization[s] chooses [choose] to achieve their goals. We are determined to forge alliances with all Groups and Associations within and outside Nigeria whose goal is for peaceful negotiations to resolve the endless crisis that had plagued the Nigeria country over the last hundred years. 

    We also wish to emphasize that all nationalities currently yoked together in the Nigerian project should see themselves as brothers and sisters created equal by God. And if in the final analysis, we have to separate and live in different Sovereign states, we should remain friends in love and harmony. We should remember at all times that as at today there are millions of Russians living in countries that have separated from the former USSR and vice versa.

    The same with citizens who used to be in Yugoslavia but now live in different Sovereign states carved out of the old Yugoslavia. If the Igbo nation eventually becomes Sovereign, all Igbo investments in Yoruba Kingdoms shall continue to be owned and operated by their Igbo owners who opt to remain with us just like several Yoruba, French, Japanese or Congolese nationals resident in the US or Britain. The same, we believe, should apply to Fulani, Kanuri, Tiv. Hausa, Birom or Ijaw nationals doing business in the Igbo or Yoruba nation. 

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