About YG

The Yoruba Global Alliance (YG) is an assembly of Yoruba leaders worldwide. The alliance was forged to allow Yoruba leaders from various sectors and in different parts of the world contribute to the task of promoting, defending and achieving the collective growth and developmental aspirations and interests as well as prosperity, security, wellbeing, welfare and sustenance of Yoruba People and culture.

yoruba global alliance


YG is committed to the

  • Education Emancipation and Empowerment of Yoruba People
  • Protection and Promotion of Yoruba Culture
  • Security of Yorubaland


To achieve our vision, YG uses the contacts, skills and other endowments of its members and partners to work for the

  • Security and safety for Yoruba kingdoms
  • Empowerment of Yoruba Youths
  • Provision of Enabling Environment for Economic development and prosperity.
  • Creation of vibrant Middle Class as veritable agent of change.
  • Establishment of linkages with Diaspora Yoruba worldwide.
  • Creation of a nation that will be competitive with other nations of the world.
  • Restoration of the Yoruba Language and the cherished cultures of our people
  • Inculcation of the principles and values of Omoluwabi (virtues of honesty, decency, integrity, reliability, bravery, accountability Self Reliance and Public Spiritedness).
  • Repositioning Education to its central role in Yorubaland
  • Repositioning the roles of Yoruba Kings